[news from japan] bruckner needs extra male toilets   

agency for cultural affairs, government of japan, ordered that the concert halls should provide extra male toilets when the concert includes any one of bruckner’s symphonies to prevent a long queue for the toilet during intermissions. if they are not able to do it at least 10 min intermission must be placed after every single movement of the symphony, or forcing the symphony to end within 30 min by adequate cuts and/or playing it faster.

[bruckner toilet] a weird phenomenon in the symphony concerts in japan is a hundred meter long queue for the male toilet (not female one) during intermissions, specifically when the program contains a bruckner’s symphony. this is hardly observed in the concerts including any other long symphonies such as mahler’s. bruckner symphonies are quite popular in japan especially among men (so called bruota (bruckner-otaku)). so the concert hall is crowded with men and they rush into the toilet before the long symphony. another possible reason is suggested from psychological and physiological researches. ‘this is preliminary data…’ dr. buruwota says ‘so far we don’t know the exact mechanism but our results show a diuretic effect of the bruckner symphony. interestingly, this effect is much obvious in japanese men. i personally prefer to go to the toilet just for having a sound sleep during the tedious symphony’

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